What is it to walk with consciousness?

Can walking together really bring about change?

Taking a little walk can change everything.
Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
Go ahead. Take a spin around the block.
It sounds obvious, but if everyone was able to notice challenging feelings building up, interrupt what they're doing and take a little stroll, chances are we'd have a very different world.
Shadows of walkers
Walk for a cause.
Join a group near you with a deep purpose behind every step they take.
It doesn't have to be a huge protest – sometimes a more silent group can inspire thousands with their intentionality.
Business people walking
Have you ever had a meeting while walking?
It can be surprisingly productive, and it vastly increases one's creativity and problem solving potential.
Go ahead. Get out of that chair and let it flow.
Whether it's a phone meeting, or walking with co-workers or clients...
Couple and their dogs
Take a walk with a perfect stranger.
Listen to their story – it may blow you away.
Our platform will ensure you have a good time.
See who else from our selective community is out walking.
Santiago de Compostela
Get to know the world's most remarkable pilgrimages.
Meet the people who have walked them, share stories, get inspired.
Whether walking in nature, for peace or on a spiritual quest, embarking on a true pilgrimage will change your life.

What we
work towards

Amazing places

Pilgrimages for inner and outer peace

Embarking on a pilgrimage can be one of the most powerful experiences of one's life. Just to leave one's comfort zone and wake up day after day in an unknown reality is enough to decondition the mind; add to that the physical activity, the beauty of the places, the spiritual quest, the cultural teachings, the strangers you rely on – it's the perfect setting for inner transformation. From the Camino de Santiago to the Abraham Path, from the Appalachian Trail to the Kumbh Mela, we bring you insights and stories from all pilgrimages, whether secular, peace-based or spiritually motivated.

That way

Organizing local walks

You don't have to cross the world to have a profound experience walking. We help you organize walks with a specific intention right where you are. Walking side by side can be the ideal way to have business conversations, to deal with challenging interpersonal issues, or to galvanize people for a specific cause. Walking is movement and movement is life – help us get people out of their shells and into the beauty of the outdoors, the humble conversations and wisdom that emerges from walking side by side, and the aliveness of moving in a common direction with a shared purpose.

Guiding star

Making walking meditations commonplace

If you're walking in a park or out on a hike, would it be strange to see someone walking really slowly, synchronizing their steps with their breathing, without their dog, phone or other distractions? What about seeing a whole line of people walking that way? It may sound foreign if you've never seen it, but it's a practice growing in popularity with a tremendous power to regulate the nervous system, quiet down the mind and bring about elevated states of consciousness. We're determined to have as many people as possible join us in this adventure, making this catalyst for wellbeing commonplace.

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